Husband and wife duo Sean + Karli Quigley front Canadian pop band Bold as Lions. From the beginning the band has been about much more than music. Although Sean became internationally known when a Christmas song of his went viral, he wanted to use the gift of music and overnight fame as a tool to help others declining the offer from a major label in the US. Their first album titled “The Hope Movement” has become more of a slogan for what it is that they do. They’ve spent the past 2 years touring schools, theatres, arena’s and stadiums with the goal of turning young hearts towards a passion for people. Although the music may get your feet dancing if you listen to the words you can tell the lyrics are heavily influenced by stories with a goal of spreading hope to those in need. However, it hasn’t always been easy for them. When a car accident destroyed everything they owned, they had to start over and bring it back to the message that captivated people’s hearts in the first place. This peaked the interest of internationally known rocker Robb Nash. For a year they had the chance to tour and learn under their team.  This has taken them all across the country with a message that says “You’re not alone”, “you matter” and “you are loved”. Currently they are working on their second in studio album. The two singles “What You Said” and “You Don’t Even Know” have an angsty pop sound with lyrics that are so relatable you can’t help but sing them at the top of your lungs. Although they’ve played for stadiums full of thousands of people during the school year you can find BAL in high schools across the country meeting students where they’re at, hoping not to change the world but create world changers. We are BOLD AS LIONS. This is THE HOPE MOVEMENT. 

BOLD AS LIONS - The Hope Movement

Debut album 'The Hope Movement' captures the magic that started it all. The album features guitar driven pop/rock songs with a captivating message that tells a story from start to finish. Together S+K have written melodic harmonies and hooks that will draw you in and leave you wanting more.